Team Auggie


Every person you see on this page isn't just a customer to us. They are our teammates in the fight against ovarian cancer. 

Wearing Auggie Apparel isn't just about great feeling athletic apparel. It's about joining a team that's actively fighting ovarian cancer and being part of something bigger. 

We started #TeamAuggie as our social media tagline to grow the team that focuses on two major aspects:

1) Spreading the awareness of ovarian cancer

2) Building a stronger community of ovarian cancer patients 

Ovarian cancer typically shows no sign of symptoms until the cancer has spread extensively beyond the ovaries. With #TeamAuggie we are trying to promote the awareness for women to regularly get checked for this disease. Once someone is diagnosed, we want to do our best to provide comfort, support and hope.

#TeamAuggie is a way of reaching out to ovarian cancer patients to let them know that through Auggie Apparel, we are trying to help fight this cancer through research and are committed to helping pay the medical bills for those struggling both financially and medically.

Are you ready to join?