Auggie Apparel Prototypes!

After several rounds of design on the t-shirts we're finally settled on the prototype! Check out the image below and feel free to let us know what you think!


Auggie Apparel is launching t-shirts for Team Auggie!


Let's start with the color. This will be one of the several shades of teal we go with for our line of shirts. We're quickly realizing that consistency among our products will be key, but difficult to maintain amongst multiple suppliers, fabrics, sizes and designs. However, we're also realizing there are a couple different shades of teal that look absolutely awesome with the brand. Our aim with the clothing line is to provide top-shelf fabrics with modern design for you serious and non-serious athletes out there. We'd love for every one of our customers to wear the Team Auggie t-shirts more than any other shirt in their wardrobe obviously. This is why we're focusing intensely on quality and design, but it's also why we're doing our best to merge the story of our brand into the clothing.


Our thinking is that anyone can wear a comfy, awesome t-shirt, but very few t-shirts out there are on a mission like ours. The same will go for our other products as well! We want our customers to be comfortable, and to be confident in our gear, but we also want them to understand what it means to be on #TeamAuggie. We're pretty sure you'll know what we mean once you put the Auggie clothing on for the first time.  


So, when can you expect to actually order some of our gear? The goal is for January 1st! So mark your calendars! 


As always, please feel free to message us with any questions or comments, or post straight to this blog post and we'll reach out to you personally. And don't forget to show us some love and hit the "Share" button below!

Thanks, and stay tuned!





Team Auggie
Team Auggie


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