The Tough Conversations

The hardest conversations to have are seemingly the most important conversations. In friendships, relationships, life and death as a society we tend to avoid the hard discussions because they make us uncomfortable or we believe that if we don't talk about them they go away. This is literally a fatal flaw of our society.

This is a picture of the 5th leading cause of death among women cancers. Women who are diagnosed ovarian cancer have an average of a 45% chance of a 5 year survival. Meaning, when diagnosed, there is less than a 50/50 chance that you will be alive for half a decade longer. While there are women who beat the statistics, there are women who don't even come close to these numbers for 45% to be the average. 


Help us spread awareness so ovarian cancer can't spread. There currently isn't a proven early detection test for ovarian cancer. The best fighting chance is to know the signs and symptoms, listen to your body, and have the difficult discussions with your doctor. Visit the Symptoms page for a list of the signs and symptoms. 

Bryan Babbitt
Bryan Babbitt


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